The Clapham Society Local History Series

This is a series of articles, containing research by our members and other material not otherwise readily accessible, relating to the history of Clapham. New articles are added from time to time.

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Our Green Plaques

In 2011 we initiated a scheme to commemorate with green plaques interesting buildings in Clapham which have changed their use since they were built.
For Details of the Scheme and the history of the buildings awarded a Green Plaque, click here.

Help with historical research

We like to help serious enquirers, but cannot undertake private family history research. We do however aim to provide resources and guidance on where relevant records may be found – see below. Further guidance can be found on the websites of genealogical and family history organisations. If reference to these does not answer your questions, we will try to answer any further enquiry you send us (see contact us).


Publications currently available from us are listed on the publication page.

For the architectural development of Clapham, the most comprehensive guide is the Society’s The Buildings of Clapham, published in 2000. Now out of print, copies will be found in libraries.


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Local archives

Original records relating to the Clapham area are divided between these local archives:

Lambeth Archive The new Lambeth Archives is now open at 16 Brixton Hill, SW2 1ET

Lambeth Landmark (picture site, also known as Borough Photos)

Wandsworth Local History Library

London Metropolitan Archives

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