BBC Article about the Windrush with Photos


Chudleigh Bryan Put his feet upMembers of the Clapham Society may be interested to read this article by Bethan Bell of BBC News.
Filled with many black and white photos taken at the time, the article talks about the people who arrived on the Windrush and their life in the subterranean dormitories of Clapham.

You can read the BBC Article here

The Clapham Deep Shelters were the subject of a talk in 2008 by Derrick Johnson and Alyson Wilson.
Much has happened since that talk but the article that was written for our Local History Series is interesting and of great historical value.

You can read the 2008 Clapham Deep Shelters article here.

Photo: Getty images, Chudleigh Bryan, a Jamaican immigrant puts his feet up