Clapham Common Deep Shelters – Call for Stories

Clapham Common deep shelter
Staying in Clapham Common deep shelters must have been a memorable experience.

Do you know anyone who used Clapham South Deep Shelters?

Chris Nix is continuing his research and is contacting those shelter users whom we interviewed for our 2008 talk.

Chris is very keen to find anyone else with relevant information or first hand experience.
It was a long time ago, and people who stayed in the shelters or have first hand stories about them could be anywhere in the world by now.
If you know of anyone who may have used the Clapham South Deep Shelters during WW11 or just after when they were hostel accommodation, please contact our Publications Editor Alyson Wilson. Please click Contact for her email address.
All memories are important!

You can read an article based on the 2008 talk here: Clapham Deep Shelters

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Tours of the Clapham South Deep Shelters

Chris Nix gave an excellent, and very popular talk about the deep shelters at our February meeting. He recently took two groups of members on a tour of the shelters. They were members who regularly help the Society on a voluntary basis, but Chris will be conducting more tours of the deep shelters and demand is high.

The shelters are fascinating, and Chris a brilliant guide.
Keep an eye on the website and be sure to book a tour as soon as you can.

Information needed

Again, if you know anyone who used Clapham South Deep Shelters or have any stories to tell about the Clapham South Deep Shelters at the time when they were being used, please contact Alyson.