Discover Wildlife with Dr Iain Boulton on Clapham Common


Grey Squirrel in London

Exotic or non-native wild plants and animals are regarded by many as ‘a bad thing’ but is there more to the story?

A walk on Clapham Common with Dr Iain Boulton.

Iain will lead a walk on Sunday to look for exotic or non-native wild plants and animals. Clapham Common is home to many non-native species, from Japanese knotweed and lemon balm, through false acacia and sweet chestnut, to animals like grey squirrels and red-eared terrapins.

The Rogue’s Gallery or Our Welcome Guests?

Are these incomers bad for the environment and our native species, or is there another side to the coin?

Come and learn about the constant battle being fought by nature, and the role we can play in preventing harm and doing good!

When and Where

Sunday 15 May.
Meet at Clapham Common Bandstand for 2 pm start.

Duration 1.5 hours.

Come and join us !