Heritage Festival 2022, week 2


Festival week2Historical Clapham Photographs Exhibition in the Lambeth History Festival

It’s easy to forget that every day we are making history ourselves, simply by living our lives in the present. You don’t have to be very old to have seen significant events that have already passed into history, let alone elements of ordinary life that have changed.

Photography provides reminders and insights into subjects outside our own experience and the Lambeth History Festival includes the exhibition of photographs “Snapshot of a Clapham street 50 years ago” at Omnibus Theatre opening on the 7th September.

About the Exhibition

A Snapshot of a Clapham street 50 years ago
In 1972 John S. Webb held an exhibition at Clapham Library, showing photographs of Stonhouse Street, shortly before much of it was demolished for redevelopment. This year the same photographs shown at the same venue, now Omnibus Theatre, provide a fascinating insight into life in Clapham 50 years ago.

When and Where

Exhibition, A Snapshot of a Clapham street 50 years ago
From 7 September to 30 September 2022
Omnibus Theatre Café/Bar, 1 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 0QW
Open Friday to Sunday 9am to 6pm and evenings from 6pm when a show is on.
No booking required.

You might think of history as big events in the dim and distant past involving long-gone people and characters, and that battles, kings, queens and politicians dominate with little to tell of the real people in the background. If so, this exhibition will change your mind!

Other Events in Week Two

The second week has plenty more events, although the history walks led by the Clapham Society are already fully booked.
Dates and details of all the events are in the Updated Lambeth Festival Programme. To get your own copy please click here.