Local Issues Meeting Monday


Meeting to discuss local issues

RubbishMonday 17 November.

An open evening at which members can raise concerns.

Local councillors, Linda Bray, Bernard Gentry and Nigel Haselden will join members of the Clapham Society’s sub-committees to discuss local issues raised by members.

These include:

 Events on the Common,
  • increased exploitation of Common for commercial gain,
  • chaos from statutory utility works (traffic, damage to business),
  • refuse collections from businesses,
  • and rubbish piled  on pavements,
  • cycle lanes,
  • bus stops and parking issues,
  • loss of business premises to private residential due to relaxation of planning laws,
  • managing the Night Economy on the High Street
and several others ….if time allows!Be sure to come to hear what’s going on, and have your say!

When and Where

Our meetings are held at Omnibus, 1 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 0QW.
The bar at Omnibus will be open from 7 pm, and meetings will commence at 8 pm.

 Update Photo:

Here’s an example of rubbish in the streets of Clapham, taken Saturday morning on South Side when going round to buy the paper…