More about the Clapham I’Ansons


Peter Jefferson Smith’s book about the I’Anson family of architects

was the subject of an article in the March edition of The Victorian, the journal of The Victorian Society.

Written by Alyson Wilson, the article provides insights into how the book ‘The I’Ansons A Dynasty of London Architects & Surveyors’ came to be written and the detailed research carried out by the author over many years. Together with a brief description of the architectural work done by generations of the I’Anson family, Alyson describes how the completed text left by Peter was edited to finally become the absorbing book now available at any bookshop to order (though Clapham Books have a stock), and from Amazon – where you can ‘see inside’ a number of pages. The book is published by The Clapham Society.

The Article published by The Victorian Society in their magazine

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Victorian Society Article the I’Anson family of architects

The book about the I’Anson family of architects

can be bought directly from The Clapham Society. Click here to go to the Publications Page and find out how to get your copy!