New History Article No 41

New History Article No 41
From the Portrait of Daniel Gould painted by William T Thompson

The latest addition to our Local History Series of Articles is published.

It is full of illustrations and fascinating plans of Clapham in the late 1700s and early 1800s together with the people involved with developing the area at the time. The author, Mike Tuffrey, continues to add to his research and is keen to hear from anyone with knowledge of Daniel Gould and his work.

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Lost maps of Clapham: The story of Daniel Gould, surveyor and map-maker, 1769-1843 by Mike Tuffrey

About the Author

Mike Tuffrey is an historian who has a habit of researching local characters and places as deeply and thoroughly as possible. He is a tireless reader of files and papers and has unearthed the origins of some of the plans and maps of Clapham. Mike enjoys giving people, who would otherwise fade into obscurity, the recognition they deserve.

Mike Tuffrey is a member of the Clapham Society local history group.

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Mike gave an Interesting talk about the area and his research.
The video is available here: video of talk-Edwardian Suburb
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