Stocking Filler Walks Leaflets


Stocking filler Walks leafletsStocking filler walks leaflets for Christmas

Bring local history stories to life by exploring the area with our self-guided walks leaflets full of fascinating facts.

Our Guided walks are very popular in the fair-weather months and are well attended even when the weather is not so fair. Some focus on historical buildings and others point out the wonderful natural world that can be enjoyed in Clapham.

But what if you or your friends and family want to go on historical walks all year long?
We have what you need – these self-guided walks leaflets are helpful during the winter, and they would make an unusual and useful stocking filler present!

It’s not too late to order a set now, just have a look at our Publications page to see the range and order your favorite walk leaflet, or a full set.

Open Guided Walk leaflet
Map with numbered points of interest

Each leaflet has a map with numbered points of interest and they are printed on lightweight card.
The full set is only £5 plus the price of a postage stamp.

Ideal Stocking Gift

For those of you looking for a present for a local history enthusiast, these guides show you where to find historical sites with fascinating stories within walking distance.

Perhaps you want to encourage an interest in the history of Clapham in children. With these guides you can walk together and learn about your local area in an engaging way.

You can find the list of titles and how to buy the set here.

While there, you might like to look at the latest books published by the Clapham Society as they make excellent larger presents.

The walks you can join with one of our leaders run from April to October and you can see the years’ program for an idea of our spring to autumn walks. The list is updated in early spring each year.

Do you have the right size envelope?

There are options for delivery of walks leaflets. If you want to choose the stamped, self addressed envelope option, this will help make sure you choose the right size for the leaflets.

DL envelopes (220 mm x 110 mm) fit an A4 piece of paper (210 x 297 mm) folded in thirds.
C5 envelopes (162 mm x 229 mm) fit an A4 piece of paper (210 x 297 mm) folded in half.

Seeing the places mentioned in the many articles on this website will bring the stories to life. Buy our self-guided walks in good time for Christmas and enjoy learning more about local history in Clapham!