Talk by Onyekachi Wambu about Nigeria and the Nigerian Centenary


The Nigerian centenary: 100 degrees and rising? A voice from the diaspora.

Nigeria Centenary Logo
Nigeria Centenary Logo

In 2014, Nigeria commemorates its centennial anniversary. With its name inspired by the principal West African waterway, the River Niger, today Nigeria stands at a volatile cusp of change.

Onyekachi Wambu is a specialist in print as well as broadcast media. He is a former Clapham resident.

This talk will provide a historical account of Nigeria’s cultural, political and socio-economic development since 1914. Onyekachi Wambu will also explore the importance of the Nigerian-British diaspora in shaping the country’s future.

The talk will be on Monday evening,  20th October at Clapham’s arts centre, Omnibus, 1 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 0QW.



The bar at Omnibus will be open from 7 pm, and the talk will commence at 8 pm. The bar will remain open after the meeting.

Meetings are free and open to non-members, so please bring your friends along.