Talk-Conscription and Conscience in Clapham


Group of Conscientious ObjectorsThis Talk marks the centenary of the introduction of conscription in 1916.

In 1916 millions of men around Britain faced a future in uniform – willing or no. For those engaged in the anti-war movement this was unacceptable, and they registered their opposition to war by becoming Conscientious Objectors.

Ben Copsey of Peace Pledge Union will talk about Conscientious Objectors and Fifty men from Clapham who made this difficult and often dangerous decision.
From tribunals to work camps and prison and from Clapham Common to Alexandria, Egypt, the experiences of First World War Conscientious Objectors are a fascinating story of courage, conscience and morality.

When and Where

Monday 21 March. Our meetings are held at Omnibus.

Omnibus, 1 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 0QW

The bar at Omnibus is open from 7 pm, and meetings will commence at 8 pm.
Our guest will normally speak for about 45 minutes, followed by around 15 minutes for questions and discussion, and the bar will remain open after meetings.

Meetings are free and open to non-members, so please come along with a friend!