The Clapham Opera Festival is Back in September


The Clapham Opera Festival 2014

Clapham Opera Festival Welcome

This event is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You will be entertained by amazing performers delivering professional performances in an informal setting.

With wonderful music and stylish wardrobes, these performances are not to be missed.

When the opera comes to your doorstep it’s a real treat and it can be an easy way to introduce opera to children and young adults. It was seen by many in Clapham as a ‘VERY Good Thing’ and was a huge success last year.

About The Festival

The Clapham Opera Festival was created with a passion to support and promote up-and-coming opera singers and musicians, along with the incredible talent ‘behind the scenes’.

The first Festival took place in 2013 with over 700 people attending 4 concerts.

Whether you are a regular opera goer, someone who wants to experience something new, or a youngster who is intrigued by opera, you will be welcome at the Festival.

Having no government funding, their efforts to attract young people succeeded, with 120 children coming along too. The Clapham Society has agreed to become a Friend of the Festival, by supporting the Grand Opening.

You can read more about the festival, the singers, the musicians and behind the scenes on their website

When and Where

The Grand Opening is on Sunday 21st September.
The Festival will take place at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Clapham.

We have added The Clapham Opera Festival to our links page so that you can find the website easily.

Don’t Miss It!