Winterville wants to return to Clapham Common in 2018!

Common after Winterville
The Common after last Winterville

Last year it resulted in 10% of the Common being out of use for more than six months! Untold damage to the Common.

Insist it is located on the Common’s dedicated hard-surfaced “circus site” – the proper place for events like Winterville.

Please Link to the planning portal where you can object. Also email your councillors, most of whom also object but Lambeth will overrule them. DEADLINE 26TH JULY.

Click here for the planning portal.

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The summary of the application is as follows:

 18/02758/RG4 | Temporary installation and use of an area of Clapham Common for Winterville 2018 festival, operational from 15/11/2018 to 23/12/2018, including an ice rink, roller disco, cinema, indoor miniature golf, entertainment tents, fairground rides, catering and market stalls, production cabins, lighting and other associated structures including perimeter fencing, vehicular servicing. | Clapham Common London SW4