Sarah Everard Memorial


In memory of Sarah Everard


Following the disappearance, abduction and subsequent death in early March 2021 of 33-year-old Sarah Everard, Clapham Common Bandstand became a national focal point for people who wanted to pay their respects to this innocent young woman. Flowers from mourners started arriving as a trickle and by the end of the month a veritable cascade flowed from the iconic Victorian structure along its entire cobbled ‘skirt’. In addition to plants and posies, there were candles, teddy bears, touching messages, angry political messages. When space at the Bandstand ran out, tributes started appearing at the base of trees, on benches and in one case strung from the bare branches of a tree. Few who presented the flowers and messages would have known Sarah personally but all were united in one emotion: a deeply felt sympathy for her family and friends. It is in this spirit that we have posted these photographs, taken throughout March and in early April when the Bandstand was cleared. Despite the best efforts of the removal team, more flowers came after the official clearance, proving, as if proof be needed, that Sarah Everard will never be forgotten.
Photographs by Dana Kubick

You can find further coverage of flowers at the Bandstand in memory of Sarah Everard in Newsletters 435 and 436