Bandstand Concert ACM London 2021


Young Musicians Take the Stage

Bandstand concert ACM London 2021

ACM London is based in Clapham just around the corner from the Common. They offer courses for various roles in the modern music industry to young people from all over the world.

Concert Date and Time

Sunday 22 August – Academy of Contemporary Music of London – 2pm-4pm

This is a chance for the Students of the Academy to demonstate their talent and do what they love best. We are not privy to the playlist but the programme this weekend promises to provide a varied and exciting afternoon around the Clapham Common Bandstand.

The concert is free to all, organised by Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee (CCMAC), supported and funded by a grant from Lambeth Council with Technical support supplied by Clapham’s Omnibus Theatre.

All concerts start at 2pm and end at 4pm.

This is the final concert in the Summer Programme 2021, listed here

CCMAC wants everyone to feel safe while performing and watching the bands, choirs and orchestras. The Bandstand is in an open and well-ventilated outside space. All acts who are singing have to take a COVID-19 test before performing.

CCMAC will also lay out deckchairs spaciously around the Bandstand. They also ask that anybody who has COVID-19 or its symptoms remains at home. Be safe, be sensible.

Illustration by Christina Bonnett