Clapham Society Plaque on Omnibus Building Unveiled


Friday 31 October Celebration

Library in Clapham postcard
Clapham – The Library, an old postcard

Don’t miss the unveiling of the Clapham Society plaque on Omnibus building, marking its change from Clapham Library to Omnibus Arts Centre.

Omnibus is in the ‘Old Clapham Library’ building at 1, Clapham Common Northside, SW4 0QW

Evening Celebrations

Arrive for a drink at 7.15 pm, plaque unveiling at 7.30 pm by local actress Geraldine James.

The ceremony will be followed by an evening of entertainment with readings, music and memories performed by special guests, including another local celebrity Neil Pearson.

 The evening’s entertainment is FREE but to secure a place book at