Unveiling a Green Plaque on a Perfect Summer Evening

The tenth Clapham Society Green Plaque was unveiled on the Old Court House in Clapham on 4 July 2017. The owners, Allison Clark and Axel Meier generously hosted an excellent party in the garden behind their house, on a perfect sunny …

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Pottery Plaque Unveiling by Michel Roux

The Clapham Society’s Green Plaque Join us as we unveil the Clapham Society’s eighth Green Plaque on a notable local building which has changed its use. This plaque will be on Clapham Pottery in Rectory Grove, which was formerly the chapel …

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Unveiling Another Clapham Society Green Plaque

The next Clapham Society Green Plaque will be unveiled on the Oddfellows Hall in Belmont Close.
This will be the 7th Green Plaque marking a notable local building which has changed its use since it was built.

History of the Clapham Library and Omnibus

About the 6th Clapham Society Green Plaque The Sixth Green Plaque The Clapham Society has published a history of the Clapham library with pictures. It relates the birth of the free library system, changes in the lifetime of the library through …

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Clapham Society Plaque on Omnibus Building Unveiled

Friday 31 October Celebration Don’t miss the unveiling of the Clapham Society plaque on Omnibus building, marking its change from Clapham Library to Omnibus Arts Centre. Omnibus is in the ‘Old Clapham Library’ building at 1, Clapham Common Northside, SW4 0QW Evening Celebrations …

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History of the Clapham Parochial School

Further to the unveiling in May of the Clapham Society’s fifth green plaque on the building that was the former Parochial School, we have now published a short history with pictures of early plans and drawings of this interesting building as well as the modern conversion and how it looks today.