History of the Clapham Library and Omnibus


About the 6th Clapham Society Green Plaque

Plaque 6 -Clapham Library - Clapham Society

The Sixth Green Plaque

The Clapham Society has published a history of the Clapham library with pictures. It relates the birth of the free library system, changes in the lifetime of the library through to the conversion of the building now known as ‘ The Omnibus Arts Centre’.

The building was awarded the Green Plaque under the Clapham Society Green Plaque Scheme initiated in 2011 to commemorate interesting buildings in Clapham which have changed their use since they were built.

Geraldine James unveiled the Clapham Society Green Plaque on 31 October 2014, the 125th anniversary of the opening of the library.

The article relating the history of this well-loved building is published on our website.
Click ‘Green Plaque Series’ to read it.

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