History of the Clapham Parochial School


Latest Green Plaque History is Published

Parochial School Green Plaque in situ
Parochial School Green Plaque in situ

Further to the unveiling in May of the Clapham Society’s fifth green plaque on the building that was the former Parochial School, we have now published a short history of this interesting building.
We have included pictures of early plans and drawings as well as the modern conversion and how it looks today.

Historic School

The origins of the school can be traced as far back as 1648 and its foundation may have been earlier. You can read the full article about the Clapham Parochial School by clicking here

The Green Plaque Scheme was initiated by the Clapham Society in 2011 to commemorate interesting buildings in Clapham and this, the Society’s fifth plaque, was unveiled on 23 May 2014 on the former Parochial School at 35 Macaulay Road, by its owner – Frederique van der Vorm – who generously donated the plaque.

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