Clapham Society Unveils a New Green Plaque


The Fifth Clapham Society Green Plaque

The Next Clapham Society Green PlaqueCommemorating the former Parochial School, the plaque celebrates the building, and not a person.
The latest Green Plaque will be unveiled on 35 Macaulay Road, the building that was the former Parochial School.

The unveiling will take place on

Friday 23 May at 6 pm.

Come along and join us!

About the Green Plaque Scheme

This Green Plaque will be the fifth under the Clapham Society scheme to commemorate with green plaques interesting buildings in Clapham which have changed their use since they were built.

The plaques are designed by Tim Gosling, bespoke furniture designer and member of the Society. Information on the plaque is kept to a minimum and further details about the building, together with some illustrations, will be published on this website and available from the article page in due course.

Previous Clapham buildings commemorated in this way are:

  • Sycamore House
  • Eagle House
  • Odeon Cinema
  • The Old FireStation

You can read about the buildings aleady celebrated by the scheme by clicking here.