The Clapham Society Local History Series — 11


The members of the family who lived in Clapham are shown in blue

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Three of the five children of Benjamin Bond the Turkey Merchant of London and his wife Catherine Corbett would live in Clapham:
1. Benjamin Bond (1719-1783) married Elizabeth Hopkins (1725-1787) in 1744 and built “Eagle House” on Clapham Common South Side ca. 1772

2. Catherine Bond (1724-1806) spinster, lived with her brother Benjamin in Clapham after her parents died

3. Elizabeth Bond (1727-1810) married (1) Joseph Brooksbank (1725-1759) in 1752 and (2) William Snell (1720-1789) in 1766. The Snell family also had a residence in Clapham. Elizabeth Bond Snell lived on Clapham Common South Side

4. John Bond and his wife Sarah Cowley lived in London and Mitcham, and two of their children and many grandchildren lived in Clapham


1. Son of Benjamin Bond and Elizabeth Hopkins who lived in Clapham in 1771:

1.1. Benjamin Bond (later called Benjamin Bond Hopkins) (1746-1794) married Elizabeth Chamberlaine

3. Children of Elizabeth Bond and Joseph Brooksbank who lived in Clapham with their mother after their father’s death and her re-marriage:

3.1. Stamp Brooksbank (1753-d.unknown)
3.2. Joseph Brooksbank (1754-ca.1761)
3.3. Catherine Brooksbank (ca.1754-1832) married Thomas Page at Holy Trinity Clapham in 1781
3.4. Benjamin Brooksbank (1757-1842) married Philippa Clitheroe (1759-1849) in 1781


4. (i) Oldest Son of John Bond and Sarah Cowley of London and Mitcham:

4.1. Benjamin Bond (1765-1854) married (1) Mary Ames Olive (1771-ca.1800) at Holy Trinity Clapham in 1795 and (2) Elizabeth Shaw (1777-1867 in 1801. Benjamin lived on Clapham Terrace.

(1) Children of Benjamin Bond and Mary Ames Olive:

4.2. Benjamin Bond (1796-d. as a child)
4.3. Mary Bond (1797-pre-1835) married Rev. Thomas Robinson Welch of Hailsham, Sussex, in 1833

(2) Children of Benjamin Bond and Elizabeth Shaw:

4.4. William Shaw Bond (1802-1834) born in Clapham, baptized at Holy Trinity Clapham, married Frances Jane (unknown) lived at Clapham Terrace.
4.5. Charles John Bond (1805-1830)

4. (ii) Youngest son of John Bond and Sarah Cowley of London and Mitcham:

4.6. Joseph Bond (1772-1854) married Eliza Finch Mills (1776-1826) in 1798. They had homes on Clapham Common South Side and at 22 Edward Street Portman Square in London. Joseph and Eliza Finch’s seven younger children lived in Clapham from 1810 until their father’s bankruptcy in 1831.

4.7 John Joseph Moffatt Bond (1801-1880) had four wives. Married first in 1825 to Mary Charlotte Milnes Elmsley
4.8 Eliza Bond (1803-1858) helped to care for the younger children
4.9 Catherine Bond (1804-1854) spinster, maintained the family homes and cared for the younger children after their mother’s death in 1826
4.10. James Wilfred Bond (1806-1878)
4.11. George Bond (1810-1863)
4.12. Sarah Bond (1812-1886)
4.13. Frederick Bond (1815-d. unknown) born in Clapham
4.14. Francis Andrew (1818-d. unknown) born in Clapham